48 hr – Unlimited Hog Hunt (Additional days available see below) (Gun,  Archery, Spear, NO DOGS)
Your 2 day hog hunting package, includes 2 days (48 hrs), UNLIMITED HOG HUNTING, AND VARMINTS, campgrounds and cleaning station(There is no walk in cooler, you must bring ice chest or your own freezer). NO HIDDEN FEES OR TROPHY FEES! I am a hog hunter to, and have paid for many a hog hunt in Texas only to arrive and have a bunch of hidden fees. This is just one flat rate for 2 days of hog hunting. Bring your own UTV or ATV. We do everything possible to ensure your wild hog hunting is successful, and fun. If you are an experienced wild hog hunter and walk to your stand slow and quietly you should have a very successful free range hog hunt. Most feral hog activity are the 3hrs before dark, and until 1am, and in the first 3 hrs in the morning. If it is a full moon, then all night long.

We are not a high fenced, or over hunted hog hunting ranch. When the feral hogs start tearing up everything, I sell a few wild hog hunts, usually a couple a month to help with costs. Usually I will only sell hog hunting to single parties of at least 3, so you have the whole place to yourselves no other hog hunting parties will be there. I will occasionally when demand is high, mix hog hunting parties of only two hunters in with another party of two. We can comfortably accomodate 12-14 hunters at a time. There is NO LIMIT on wild hogs as long as you are hog hunting in Texas for meat and not just for sport and taking the meat with you. There are plenty of varmints (Bobcats, Big Coyotes, Foxes, Black Panther,Bigfoot, etc…) so bring your calls. $350 for 48hrs hunt (per hunter) minimum of 3 hunters.
CAMPING ONLYHelgram Pines is a beautiful 400 acres in the piney woods of East Texas. Secluded deep in the woods, this area has been known to be overrun with feral hogs and wildlife. If feral hog hunting is not your thing and you just want a place to bring your family or friends to get away for a couple of days we can arrange that as well. No other parties will be booked during this time. Your family will have the whole 400 acres to yourselves. There is lots to do with plenty of nature trails and wildlife to view, plenty of dry firewood, Stars are big and bright with no city lights around, bring your ATV use them for trail riding, or Jacksonville 13 miles away has an ATV mud park, fishing is good at lake Striker 1 mile away bring the boat or kayaks, Cherokee Trace drive thru safari is 5 miles away, firearms are allowed at the shooting range, side arms are allowed when walking or riding around. Camping Only -$100 per person 2 day minimum. Add in a night of feral hog hunting while your there. Call or text for exact pricing.

The property consists of 200 acres up in front of pine plantation, and 200 acres of hardwood bottoms and surrounded by swamps on 3 sides. Wild Pigs are everywhere! There is plenty of cover for the feral hogs to feel comfortable and thrive. In the front 200 acres pine trees are planted in rows and we scatter corn in the open areas and on roads for a fun spot and stalk, or a moonlit hog hunt to and from your stand. Lake Striker is a few properties away and the spillway creeks branch off go through the back 200 acres. The back 200 acre usually stays wet and the wild hogs love it. The water doesn’t slow them down you can hear them splashing in the mud to get to the corn at the feeders. There are 9 feeders with corn and lights and 4×4 elevated box blinds to stay out of the weather. I also have several bow stands up for archery, and baiting stations.

We only have primitive campsites at this time. There is a picnic table, outhouse, fire pit with plenty of dry firewood. It is a large area easily accessible for an RV(see pics area). I have had a 40ft RV on the campsite with plenty of room around. There are electrical hookups 30amp and 50 amp. At the campsite we have non potable water for washing dishes, hands, etc, but only NON POTABLE water, Bring all drinking and cooking water with you. If you require RV hookups with sewer, Lake Striker has campgrounds and are only 1 mile away from the entrance to my property. If camping is not your thing then Jacksonville, Rusk, and Henderson are only 15-17 miles away and have plenty of places to stay and eat.

Feral Hog Hunts begin at 12pm at arrival and end 48hrs after, at noon all paperwork needs to be signed and payment made when you arrive. After a brief 10 minute meeting you are free to start your hog hunting. You will be given a property map showing stand locations. The property is very simple,(see pics page). There is one main road, all side roads either end or return to the main road. The property is a little over 2 miles long so bring your own ATV or UTV. If you like a property tour can be given to show you all stand locations, or show to your stand the first time. Transportation to and from the stands is not provided. The back 200 acres are pretty muddy in spots, but see the most activity on a regular basis, bring water proof boots if you plan to walk, and in warmer months snake chaps or boots are recommended.